Friday, March 28, 2008

Feel Good Friday: "Can I Kick It?" Edition

Work/life kicking my arse last couple of days, but there's a lot in the pipeline for next week...

There are lots of classic hip hop songs out there, as well as lots of great songs that are remakes of other songs, but rare is the combo of great original and multiple great remixes of said classic.

Anyhow, today's Feel Good Friday comes courtesy of G Love, who in addition to being a total badass musician also blogs and uploads tons of impromptu vids to youtube when he's on tour.

Here's a homemade version of "Can I Kick It" made a few days ago in Brisbane, Australia with Slim Kid Tre from the Pharcyde {and currently Ozomatli}, and featuring a sweet outro of G. Love's alter ego, Spoonie G, tearing it up on a pair of plastic spoons on the tour bus:

It's not enough that dude invented his own
genre of music {the hip hop blues}, can slay the guitar
and the harmonica, but now we learn that he can beat box
and play the spoons as well. Bow down.

As an added bonus, here's Slim Kid Tre rapping a verse from Pharcyde's "Passing Me By" while on stage with G. Love doing another rendition of "Can I Kick It?" during last summer's amazing Summer Haze tour {Ozomatli, G Love, Slightly Stoopid} when they were in Costa Mesa {night before I saw them at The Greek in Bezerkeley}:

And since it's March Madness {yeah I said it, fuckers. sue me}...

Double Bonus:

Although vey low-fi, this is G. Love and Slightly Stoopid together doing the finale to G. Love's set on the Summer Haze tour stop in Boca Raton, FL last year, which started off as G. Love's song "Blues Music" then morphed into "Walk On The Wild Side" and then finally "Can I Kick It?". Low quality sound, but high quality muzak, and the horns are tight:

Oh, yeah, if you're not down with Tribe, here's the original:

Classic. Timeless.

And to complete the theme, the outstanding "22 Twos" by Jay-Z:

Sometime Jay-Z hits, sometimes he misses.
This was a stand up triple.

However you kick it, have a rocking good weekend, whatever you get into.


Anonymous said...

Jamming out to Chan Chan - Buena Vista SC.

Kanu, you live a charmed life. Go Dawgs!

Kanu said...


An honor to have the man who invented the term "sack" here at DAB. Welcome.

BVSC is the absolute shit. If you haven't seen, it rent the documentary about Buena Vista Social Club sometime, it is absolutely amazing:

Keep jammin' Deac Jones, and have a great weekend too man.