Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Fleet Week Friday

Work has been beyond insane lately, y tengo un clase de Espanol en universidad CCSF esta otono {and I'm taking a Spanish class at City College SF this fall}. That, and a few other things have brought about the radio silence recently.

It's Fleet Week, the centerpiece of which is the airshow over the city & the bay featuring the Blue Angels both tomorrow and Sunday. As we speak they Blue Angels are practicing, as they did yesterday, and I'm looking out a 4th floor window watching them do their thing {yesterday was better - 12th story sky terrace in another building}. It is a trippy and surreal experience to witness this from downtown, both the sights- looking up in the sky and seeing them fly over the city at ridiculously low altitudes {not more than a couple hundred feet over the rooftops at some points}- and the sounds- sonic booms galore. I wonder if they have any other shows that are over cities- it seems most all airshows are at Air Force bases out in the middle of nowhere. It's a little freakier to watch this year knowing that this spring Blue Angel #6 crashed in South Carolina at an airshow and the pilot was killed. If that ever happened here over the city I think they might shut down the whole Blue Angel airshow thing for good. It also gives you a bit of an idea of what it would be like sensually to be in a city that was under attack from fighter jets. Namely, scary as fuck.

Tomorrow will be a brief run up to the roof to check it out during a lull in the college football slate, and then Sunday my sister and her family are coming down to check it out, so we'll take in the whole show. One of the coolest things I've seen out here for sure.

Speaking of college football, last week the slate of games looked like shit, but then it turned in to an amazing day of upsets and exciting games. This week the slate looks incredible on paper- hopefully it will be half as good as last week. More likely that it will be a bit of an anticlimatic disappointment, as the super hyped weekend of amazing games on paper often are.

Arsenal: unbeaten in 11 matches this season, including 9 wins in a row/on the trot/on the spin, which put them firmly at the top of the table. Twice.

Gotta run. Hope to get to write a little more next week; I have some thoughts on the Arse and a long standing rant on CFB that I am bit amazed none of the several way-better-CFB bloggers-than-me have ranted on in the last year.

Let's hobnail boot those fuckers tomorrow.

Happy Weekend, whatever you get into.