Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kentucky Derby 101

You're a sports fan. You know that The Derby is a big deal, only because you have always been told that it is really important. But what's the big deal? You don't really get it - to you it's just a horse race like any other, because no one has ever taken the time to explain to you WHY it is so celebrated by the horse racing masses. That's where I come in*.

Kentucky Derby 101.1: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Kentucky Derby 101.2: Easily The Most Difficult Achievement In All Of Sports

Kentucky Derby 101.3: Into The Unknown

Kentucky Derby 101.4: Into The Unknown II: Field, Style, Pace

Kentucky Derby 101.5: Why The Jockeys Are Total & Complete Badasses

Kentucky Derby 101.6: Why Martha Burk Loves The Derby

Kentucky Derby 101.7: Why Kentucky Goes Completely Apeshit For Derby

Kentucky Derby 101.8: Why The Derby Is The Most Fun Sporting Event You Will Ever Attend

Kentucky Derby 101.9: A Guide For Derby Virgins

*note that parts 101.1 -101.8 were originally written in 2006, and thus contain time references that are no longer current.

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