Monday, September 24, 2007

"One And Done, Baby!"

With all the hype and attention {and deservedly so} given to the fact that Larry Munson missed calling his 2nd Georgia game in 42 years on Saturday because he will no longer do road games, I just wanted to point out that Scott Howard, in his very first game moving over from the co-pilot seat to drive the Bulldog Radio Network jumbo jet all by himself, came up with a great call on Georgia's amazing game winning play.

As first days on the job go, this was pretty impressive.

Not a bad way to start your play by play career in the shadow of one of the most legendary announcers in the history of football. It must have been difficult and intimidating as hell for him to do this first game, and not just any game but a high profile night road game against a good ranked team and historic program. Probably akin to taking over the CBS news anchor the day after Walter Cronkite's last broadcast and having some major news happen that day, and not only holding up well but even nailing the news Veronica Corningstone style.

Well done, Good Sir, well done.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fucking Embarrassing

The game? No. The game was shit on so many levels, but we'll get to that in due time.

The embarrassment was the fans that booed the team off the field at halftime, and at other times as well. It was loud and clear on my television from 2,500 miles away, so I am certain that it was several orders of magnitude louder inside the stadium. I know not all of you did, but to the ones that did, you are a fucking embarrassment to the University of Georgia, and if you are going to boo 18-22 year old kids, then please stay home. And don't come with that weak shit "I was just booing the coaching staff, or the playcalling. Not the kids." Fuck you for thinking that anyone could selectively distinguish the narrow and specific philosophical nature of your booing. If this was the first time this has happened then I wouldn't be so pissed about it. But it's not. I remember writing about it at least 2 times last year, and can remember other instances of it beyond that. Shit Terrance Edwards was what, six, seven years ago? To repeatedly do this is a totally embarrassing representation of our fanbase and school.

If I was a recruit at one of the games when this happened, then I would have serious, serious reservations about committing my future to UGA. When things are down the team need you to be as encouraging as ever, and we have all seen that crowds can be a motivational 12th man. When things are shit, in sports or in life, it's positive encouragement and belief in you from others that spur you out of it and onto better things, not turncoat negativity and abandonment. What the team needed was an encouraging and rousing standing ovation from all 83,000 UGA fans that said "Come on! We're behind you and we believe in you! We both know that you have fucked up and can do much better, so let's do just that- you can do this! "

Moan. Groan. Throw shit. Break something. Curse like a motherfucking sailor at that God damn shitty playcall on 4th and 2 or the missed tackles or the poor throws or the drops and on and on. Whatever. But do not give up and turn on your team when things are not going well. It is a horrible and insulting message to send to the young men who represent our school, and it speaks volumes to your level of so-called fandom. You are a fairweather bandwagoner who only cheers for a winner, and I do not appreciate you. You are chickenshits.

If you are a true fan of UGA, or any other team for that matter, then root for, cheer, and encourage that team when things are going great and when things are going shitty. In fact, the more you stand by your team when they perform poorly, the more you show yourself to be a real fan of the team.

The next time something shitty happens in your life, or you completely fuck up, be it relationship, job, or otherwise related, and you are down and out, and a friend or family member gives you positive words of encouragement that makes you feel better, believe in yourself, and helps you get out of the bad situation and out of the rain and back in to the sunshine, and you think about how much you appreciate that person and their words which were so helpful, think about how you would have felt if instead of offering words of encouragement and support, those same people booed you and told you that you were shit when you needed a boost. Then think about the fact that, as an alleged diehard loyal Bulldog, you booed the shit out of 20 year old kids when things weren't going well but there was still all to play for, and what a shitbird wanker that makes you look like.

And triple everything I just said for anyone who is an alumnus of the University Of Georgia and not just a "fan" in general.

If you want to see how it should be done, then check out Portsmouth of the EPL sometime. Down 0-4 after 35 minutes at home to an absolutely rampant Arsenal in an FA Cup match back in 2003, they sang in support of their team, 28,000 strong at the top of their lungs, for the entire 90 minutes en route to an absolute 5-1 assbeating. It was completely astounding and beyond impressive to anyone who witnessed it, and was commented on far and wide, even by the Arsenal players and manager. Their fans are widely regarded as the best in the land for just this reason, and are respected far and wide even though they are not a great team.