Friday, June 25, 2010

Why You Should Watch Spain-Chile Today

They are in a much much bigger do or die situation today than we were against Algeria, and by 1.20pm PST will either be all time national heroes or will return hom in shame just like France & Italy.

Since the current World Cup 32 team format began in 1998, 24 teams have lost their 1st match, but only4 of those teams have gone on to make it to the knockout round. If you include World Cup 2010, there have now been 32 teams to lose their 1st round game. Spain is trying to become only the 5th of those teams to escape.

When you add the fact that they are widely regarded as the best team in the world, are currently ranked #1 or #2 in the world by every subjective ranking out there, and have only lost 2 of their last 50 matches (USA 2009 Confederations Cup, Switzerland last week), you can see what is at stake.

Oh, they're also the most enjoyable team to watch when they are "in the mood", so definitely try to carve out some time to check them out today. For very similar reasons to those I laid out for the US before their epic encounter with Algeria, I am very confident that Spain are going to do it and become national heroes. Making history, plus their exhilirating run to become Euro 2008 champions, *should* lay to rest the tired cliche that they historically always choke on the world stage.

Prediction: Spain 3-1 Chile

¡Vamanos La Furia Roja!

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