Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend Preview: Capt. D G Love Comin', Capt. D G Love Comin'...

I doubt he'll play a cover of Scarred by Uncle Luke, but you never know - he is a hip hop head, he often blends Can I Kick It? by Tribe into one of his tunes, and he finished last summer's show with a cover of Snoop's Gin & Juice...

Tonight: G. Love & Special Sauce at the Warfield

Tomorrow night: G. Love & Special Sauce at the Warfield

Going to both shows: hell to the yeah

Sunday: Meatloaf at Emirates Stadium a.k.a FA Cup 4th Round: Arsenal-Bolton

We will beat Meat Loaf Big Sam this time.

Sunday: FC Red Stripes v. Sex Pistols

All that and apparently a bunch of rain. Bollocks, that.

Happy Weekend, I hope you have a great one whatever you get into.

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Anonymous said...

I'm rewriting someone else's f*cking implementation plan for requirements management / process governance. I knew it was coming, and it's even less exciting than I imagined.

Still, it could be worse, I could be wiping my 2 year old's ass in the back of the family wagon with a freezing wind blowing, because she filled her diaper at the park. Oh wait, that was this morning.

At least she was grateful, unlike the yahoos whose "work" I am correcting.

Forza FC Red Stripes!