Friday, April 28, 2006

Reduced To Pulling For Meat Loaf

Tottenham's 2 remaining matches are this weekend against Bolton and next weekend against West Ham. West Ham will probably not even try next week since they have nothing to gain and will want to rest their players for their FA Cup Final against Liverpool.

So that leaves Bolton. More specifically, it leaves me to pull for a team managed by none other than Meat Loaf himself, Sam Allardyce.

You can't tell me this isn't the same dude


Of course the Schadenfreude part of me actually wants Tottenham to get 4th place, only so we can piss on their parade by winning this year's Champions League, knock them out of next year's competition, and keep this excellent joke current.

In other bizarro rooting interest news, am I actually rooting for ManUtd to beat Chelsea tomorrow and prevent the Blues from winning the league until next week? Yes, I think I am. Weird.

Arsenal play already relegated and worst team in Premiership history Sunderland on Monday morning, so 3 points should be reasonably expected.

Chelsea - Manchester United. Saturday. 4.30 a.m. PST. FSC.
Tottenham- Bolton. Sunday. 8 a.m. PST. FSC PPV.
Sunderland-Arsenal. Monday. 9 a.m. PST. FSC.

Chelsea 3-0 ManUtd.
Tottenham 1-0 Bolton.
Sunderland 0-3 Arsenal (Henry, Fabregas, Sunderland o.g.)

Chelsea buy win 2nd title in as many years after winning 1 in the prior 100 years.

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