Saturday, September 25, 2010

Umm, Nevermind

FoxSportsNet RockyMountain showed the Rockies-Giants game, so I didn't get to watch, but right now that looks like a blessing.

But following along on my phone was enough to do what the first two losses could not: end my bullish optimism for this team this year. 8-4 is now a fantasy, and from where we're at tonight a return to Shreveport might be an accomplishment.

Oh well, time to to re-calibrate. 2010 is officially a rebuilding year. Nothing to do but accept it, roll with it, support the team, and hope for improvement as the year goes by.

Time to enjoy the beauty of Colorado & hope for the best while fearing the worst: back-to-back loses to Mississippi State & Colorado for a 1-4 start.

And remember- it's only a game and sports is still the toy department of life.
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1 comment:

Chris said...

Id agree except for the fact that the biggest "rebuilding" problem seems to be the offensive line, aka the one part of the team that is the furthest removed from "rebuilding."

I am taking the path of ignoring the defense this year since they truly are in a transition phase. Play calling I cant comment on since we dont really know the plays. What we can comment on is watching the oline not run block and not be able to pick up a blitz. I dont care about our QB, with the talent and previous production of the big uglies up front we should be able to line up in an I, call 22 power ever play and get ~4 yards until they bring 9 into the box and then step back and hit Durham/King/Brown for a 20+ yard post/fly/whatever. At least against a team like Miss St where the talent differential is that pronounced.