Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{opens creaky door, turns on light, clears off dust, coughs}:

"Anybody still here?"

Some World Cup thoughts in my head that cannot be contained by 140 characters, especially re: Jabulani ball & what will happen from here on out/how players will adjust

Just need some time in next couple days to get it all down.

Watch this space...


Roger said...

A welcome sight in the old newsreader. Welcome back, Kanu, from a longtime lurker. Gator fan (of course, by extension an SEC fan) and Arsenal supporter living in the UK now. And I don't mean University of Kentucky :)

omaa said...

I'm still watching!!!!

Kanu said...

Roger- Thanks for coming back to this deserted old house. I'm not back for good, but think i'm onto something re: the world cup ball and want to get it out there ahead of the field and for others to discuss/agree/shoot down.

Might lead to some light world cup writing over next month, we'll see. Getting pretty good at writing in 140 characters or less though- 10000x easier & less time consuming than full on blogging. Cheers.

OMAA- F5 homey, thoughts are up.