Friday, August 8, 2008

Duuuuuude... Sergio Ramos Identity Revealed

While watching Euro2008 this summer something bothered me, as it had for the past 2 or 3 seasons. Every time I saw Spain's Sergio Ramos, I knew that he looked very familiar, just like someone else, but I never could put my finger on it, and as a lookalikeophile, it really bothered me.

Fortunately, a few days after Euro2008 friend and commenter formerly known as A10 {dude , now that Adriano is no longer with InterMilan you'll need a new name ummm, nevermind} sent me an email and suddenly everything was clear. Crystal clear.

Sergio Ramos is Mitch Kramer{played by Wiley Wiggins} from the movie Dazed & Confused. Don't believe me? Regardez:

That's Mitch on the right in the Adidas tee

That's Sergio now, in his Real Madrid jersey.

QEDMF- I rest my case.


beast in 'bama said...

My 17-year-old daughter watched Spain with great interest during Euro 2008 for some reason.

I suspected it was David Villa, but she never indicated who she was watching most. But I do know that it wasn't Ramos. She claimed that both Ramos and Torres have 'girl' faces, and even went so far as to compare Ramos with Rebecca Lobo. Of course, I informed her that the Lobo comparison has been done to death with several athletes (and Kentucky Derby entries).

Now I can tell her that you've QEDMF'd it - and counted to three.

And I can rest easy knowing that I have the biggest crush on Torres in my family...

Kanu said...

Yeah I don't see the Torres thing either- his face looks like he's a 12 year old boy, but my female soccer playing friends all think he's a looker. But I'm not such a good judge of such things, being that I am hetero and all.

I always thought Raul was a classically good looking dude, like Figo for Portugal, but he wasn't on the team, so I'm going to guess that your daughter was secretly admiring Iker Casillas.