Friday, June 6, 2008

The Near Misses: Silver Charm 1997

Here's the 6 near misses since I got really interested in horse racing in the mid 1990s.

I love SILVER CHARM- he'll always be special to me, as he was the first horse I really got emotionally attached to, as at my first Derby in 1997 I bet him across the board at 6-1 and got to watch him win. Anyhow.

His Derby win and Preakness win were both flat out amazing and exhilarating {watch them both, now. It's ok, I'll wait}. He was poised to win the Triple Crown and was owned by Oregon Duck alums and classy and universally respected and liked Bob & Beverly Lewis.

And with 1/8 of a mile to go it looked likes SILVER CHARM had done it. As always, when he got locked in a duel with a horse he looked him in the eye, gutted it out, and never let the other horse get in front of him. And once again he did this to FREE HOUSE, and looked to be home free. The trick is that he never saw TOUCH GOLD flyinig late on the outside, so his remarkable ability wo win a neck and neck duel through sheer will was negated by the fact that TOUCH GOLD flew late way to his outside, and it was too late. So close, less than a length. So sad.

Full coverage shows the tension & buildup,
but for the ADD set the race starts at the 2.40 mark

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