Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The 3 Groups That Loved The Belmont

1. The connections of DA' TARA of course.

2. ABC. Television ratings for BIG BROWN's failed triple crown bid were off the charts, up 169% from last year {10.5 compared to 3.9 last year}. Pretty ironic, since last year's race was one of the best Belmonts ever.

3. UPS, if you believe this report, although as I have said in the past such exposure projections are in my opinion bullshit peddling of the highest order.

You can throw in the NYRA and Belmont Park as well, as per usual {x= TC bid, xy=TC}, they got a much bigger crowd with a shot at the Triple Crown on the line. I heard the TV announcers on Saturday throw out 120,000 and even 140,000, but in the end 94,000 was the reported number. Still, there's never a doubt who the NYRA, and Belmont Park are rooting for in The Preakness Stakes on any given year. And ABC as well.

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