Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Memo To Overhyped WAC Teams
On Long Winning Streaks:

Date: January 2, 2008

To: Overhyped WAC Teams On Long Winning Streaks

From: University Of Georgia Bulldog Football

Subject: Playing Us


Stop playing us.

Although it sounds appealing and we appreciate your ambition, trust us, it is not in your best interest and you will be worse off for it.

Colt Brennan = Jared Zabransky 2.0

As an alternative may I recommend a little school just down the road. They would be much more amenable to such pursuits by schools such as yours, and getting tickets for games in which they are involved is quite easy as well.


UGA Football

cc: The World


Anonymous said...

He got what he deserved.

Unknown said...

loved watching them Dawgs run wild.

As an LSU fan, would like to get your take on the title game....

glad to see you are posting again...

Kanu said...


My take on the title game is that in my opinion the three best teams right now are not only not in it (Oklahoma, USC, UGA), but none of them even got to play each other.

I really am just sad that UGA didn't get to play LSU in the SEC Title game too see which one is better on the field. I will be forever thankful to the Vandy kicker and the Kentucky kicker for that...

I think LSU is a better team, OSU has a much better game coach, and the tOSU/Big 10 "speed" thing is the most tired thing in the world outside of inane celebrity gossip.

I can't really call it, but I think LSU's talent should overcome the Les Miles Stupid Machine, but tOSU was a much bigger perceived underdog a few years back against Miami in the title game so you never know.

That being said, if I was in your seat I would feel a bit more confident after seeing the team that tOSU lost to get absolutely annihilated by a quality team yesterday in the Rose Bowl, and the quasi-home game certainly won't hurt. I think LSU wins by about 10.

beast in 'bama said...

Couldn't agree with you more. The preseason top 5 will be USC, Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State and Florida, the order of which will be determined by how well each team performs in their respective bowl games.

As of now, USC and Georgia are the leaders in the clubhouse. Florida cemented the #5 slot with their horrible defense and poor O Line play. They won't deserve #5, but you know they'll get it.

Glenn Dorsey's knee is the key to the LSU-OSU game. If he's in there eating space and raising hell, the Bucknuts won't be able to run the ball. If he's not, it could get interesting.

Unknown said...

well said sirs.

i certainly would not want to have LSU playing UGA right now, in all honestly.... they seem to be playing with some serious anger right now, mis-directed or not.

USC beat up on a bad, 1 dimensional team. Meh.

If LSU can stop the run and force Boeckman to be the MAn, i like our chances.


Anonymous said...

"USC beat up on a bad, 1 dimensional team. Meh."

The same could be said about UGA, even though giving that ass whooping felt damned good.