Friday, May 18, 2007

Why I Am Rooting For, Gulp, Manchester United Tomorrow

Damn, just typing that hurt.

2007 FA Cup Final
Manchester United-Chel$ea
Sat. May 19, 7.00 a.m. PST
Wembley Stadium
Setanta PPV

An outstanding preview of the match here.

What I'm really hoping for is the the match is abandoned due to violence of some sort and no winner is awarded, but as the likelihood of that is infinitesimal, I want ManUtd to win.

Actually that is not altogether accurate. In truth, I want Chel$ea to lose more than I want ManUtd to lose, that's it.

On top of my dislike of Chel$ea and extreme hatred of Jose Mourinho, the main reason is Ashley Cole. Forget all of the unbelievable shenanigans and bullshit he did and said last year before moving from Arsenal to Chel$ea last summer, which are too numerous to mention here. That alone would probably be enough for me to feel like I do.

But the kicker is that earlier this season, after Chel$ea came back from 0-1 down to beat Arsenal 2-1 in the Carling Cup Final, Ashley said defiantly to the press something to the affect of "that is why I came here to Chel$ea- to win trophies". Forget the fact that Arsenal played nothing near their best team but went with all of the young kids, who then outplayed Chel$ea's strongest side but then lost in the end, and forget the the League Cup is not a big trophy, it's kind of a joke actually, and although it is certainly nice to win and put in your trophy case, none of the big clubs really care much about it. The ridiculousness of the statement is that with Arsenal he won the Double {Premiership and FA Cup} in 2002, the FA Cup in 2003, the Premiership in 2004 {as the only undefeated team in a major European league in modern football history}, and the FA Cup in 2005. So defiantly telling the press in an attempt to slam Arsenal that you came to win trophies, after your first team were outplayed by a bunch of backup team teenagers, in a cup competition that no one really cares about, makes you even more of a cunt then we all learned that you were last year. The topper, of course, is that he didn't even play in the Carling Cup final but rather was an unused sub.

So I sure as shit don't want to see that little fucker win any trophies that are actually meaningful, and of course the FA Cup qualifies there.

Look for United to play football and Chel$ea to try to negate United and hoof hopeful route 1 longballs up to Drogba and hope for the best. And don't forget to check out the new Wembley Stadium, the Big Dig of football stadiums- very late and ridiculously over budget. It took 7 years and $1.5 billion with a B to build, both of which are just crazy.

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