Sunday, April 8, 2007

Masters Day 2: While You Kanu Was Out

I did not get to watch on Friday, as I was driving down the California coast, I only was able to get some information from the Saturday morning LA Times sports section. However, I was able to find some pimps in the photo galleries for your perusal.

But first, something fairly hideous:
Sergio can come with some pretty sharp getups from time to time, but scored a pretty big own goal on Friday, and I'm not just talking about the 1977 Porn Star beard that he was rocking:

Memo to Senor Garcia:
There are colors that go well with gray.
Orange is not one of those colors.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Tiger is never over to the top pimpin' like many of the international players, but he consistently represents America as well as anybody and did so again with his consistently strong-but-understated pimpin', and today was no different, even showing his versatility and ability to change outfits with the changing weather but still look sharp as hell. Obviously, having gone to Stanford, he is familiar with the necessity to be able to adapt to the all-over-the-place Bay area weather:

Chilly morning: check.

Warmer afternoon? Check.

Ian Poulter showed that Friday's Pimp getup was no one-off, and came with it again:

Whatever the Brit equivalent of "Go Big Or Go Home" is,
you know dude is a firm believer.

Kiwi heartthrob Adam Scott's shirt was very sweet, and would definitely catch the eyes of all those beautiful girls on a fall Saturday in Athens:

This would own the North Campus Quad on October Saturdays

With most all Brits, I really want to know what football side they support, but for some reason with the Brit golfers this desire is even moreso. Take Paul Casey: who does dude support - Arsenal? Liverpool? Wycombe? Stoke? the mind wonders...

Arsenal? The 'Pool? Man Utd? Sheffield United?
Damn I want to know.

Day 1 Newcomer Johan brought the noise again, this time stepping it up a notch by rocking purple pants. Unfortuantely he didn't make the cut, so this is the end of the road, but I had never heard of or seen this dude before: he is definitely one to watch in the future.

Purple Pants? You know LaDanlian Thomlinson loves this guy.

And finally, Hideto Tanihara is obviously such a soccer fan that he has commissioned some shoes from Puma that are basically the golf shoe version of footy cleats, and solid gold no less. Strong

If Puma take over Japan's national soccer team sponsorship
from Nike, their team might just be kicking these at World Cup 2010.


Anonymous said...

follow the link below. it gives famous football supporters. it will also sort supporters by profession (be they rugby players, golfers, chefs, etc.)

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sorry, i meant that the link is set as the webpage link in my posting name. these new fangled computers, i tell you