Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lights Out! Guerrilla EDSBS Radio!

I hadn't yet listened to Orson Swindle's new radio show starring Peter Bean, but I realized today that it airs right when I get off work. It was yet another beautiful day, so after walking home I did my usual of walking up to the rooftop to chill out, take in the views, and detox from the work day. But I stopped off in my apartment, grabbed a cold beer, and looked up the number to and dialed the EDSBS radio show.

And damned if they weren't kind enough to have me on. It was actually pretty natural, like speaking to two old buddies, not as nervous-inducing a situation as calling a nationally syndicated radio show would probably be. Also knowing that since it is a webcast cursing is not only allowed but encouraged, I could remove the f-bomb filter and just talk like I was shooting the shit a bar or tailgate with my buddies. It was actually quite fun.

After my call I went downstairs and listened to the rest of the show, then went back and listened to the part before I called up. I must say that they do pretty damn well, and I am amazed that both are able to take the time to do it since they already blog like mothers each and every day. Plus it is pretty cool that I now know what DC Trojan's voice sounds like.

If you want to listen the broadcast is here {click on the play button}- some dude named Rajun Cajun Rebel is worth the price of admission alone, which is $0 by the way, but dude is funny. Or perhaps you may be interested to hear what I think is the best most badass way for a man to die, which is, of course, Death By Univision. If you do want to cut right to the chase and laugh at my stupid ass and my strange sounding to me voice, I think I'm around the 45 min mark, but if you are well versed in the CFB blogosphere then you will enjoy the whole show, several of the characters in it are in there for your enjoyment.

Major Kudos to Swindle and P Bean - the show is cool and fun, and I think my new Tuesday routine after work may be to grab a beer, hit the rooftop, and shoot the shit with those fine lads for a few minutes.

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