Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong:
Life Imitates Art Edition

Ever seen the Vernon Franklin episode of "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" on Chappelle Show? Bummed out that Chappelle Show no longer exists, and wishing you could see a "new" episode of "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" because it was your favorite skit?

Vernon Franklin, file photo.

Then you are in luck, because it played out in real life on Saturday night as it happens. Like most people who watched the YouTube video of the Miami-FIU brawl on Friday night, I stopped watching after about 1 minute when the melee proper subsided and there was just silence and people standing around. Big mistake on my part, but thanks to Swindle I went back and gave it another look. Watch it again and fast forward to the 1:45 mark to hear CSS color commentator, former Miami Hurricane wide receiver from the thug life days, pregnant fiance batterer, goat of one of the greatest college football plays of all time, and all around great guy Lamar Thomas. What you will hear is his own personal version of "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong."

Yes, just like Vernon Franklin, Lamar Thomas was fired yesterday by CSS. Word on the street is that he is thinking about hosting a Player Hater's Ball in Miami for New Year's Eve.

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Anonymous said...

That dude should have been fired, but the director should have been also. He should have just cut his mic off.