Thursday, September 21, 2006

From The Dept. of Are You Shitting Me?
Um, Yeah. Good Luck With That

From the Dept. of Are You Shitting Me:

A new policy to kick fans out of games for cursing?

Not at Bob Jones University.

Not at Ole Miss.

At Boston University.

Um, yeah. Good luck with that.

I was born and raised in Boston, so I know full well that f-bombs are like oxygen up there, especially for college age men attanding sporting events under the influence of alcohol. Hell I haven't lived there in 16 years and it is still a challenge to go a full day without hitting double digits of the most versatile word in the English language.

You think you can get these guys to stop cursing?
Aah you fuckin retaahded?

Is Michael Adams also running BU?

I'm sure this will go over about as well as a ban on pretty girls at SEC football games or big bangs and hairspray in Kentucky. Meaning that Sully, Tommy, Smitty, Bobby, and Mahk will be wicked fucking pissed about it.

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