Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Order Is Restored

After their worst Premiership start ever, only taking 2 points from 3 matches against less than powerhouse Villa, Citeh & Boro, there was no way Arsenal could go to Old Trafford without Henry or Van Persie and beat ManUtd, who were off to their best start in Premiership history with 4 wins on the trot, right?


ManUtd 0-1 Arsenal.

BBC Match Of The Day Highlights

When Arsenal were awarded a penalty early but Gilberto slipped taking it and had it saved you felt that it would not be Arsenal's day. But they outplayed United, and when Mats saved a point blank rocket shot from C Ronaldo with his face and then stayed in the match it seemed like they might get a result after all.

5 minutes to go and it looked like 0-0 until Cesc did a Cesc (definition: something that a 19 year old simply should not be able to do against world class competition). Dispossessed C Ronaldo, lost the ball, got it back, completely schooled Neville, then slid in an amazing pass that Adebayor ran onto and slotted home (the last replay shows it best). Just ridiculous skill from 19 year old Cesc and for me he is right there with Messi as far as best young player in the world.

They held on thanks to another ridiculous save from Mats (this angle shows it even better), who has come to be known at Mad Jens by many Arsenal fans - there's even a MAD JENS of North London Tshirt. That is pretty strong. He is my favorite Arsenal player hands down. On Sunday he inexplicably handled the ball outside his box and later is allegeded to have kicked a water bottle into the stands at ManUtd fans, although allegedly he had reason to be pretty upset with them.

So Arsenal are right back in the thick of things, and may be able to contend for top honors this season after all. A great result, and Arsenal's first league win at Old Trafford since they won the league there in 2002.

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I think I just wet myself watching that Fabregas highlight.