Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup Bracketology

World Cup 2006 Knockout Stage

Round Of 16
Saturday 24 June
8 a.m. ABC. Germany-Sweden
12 p.m. ESPN. Argentina-Mexico

Sunday 25 June
8 a.m. ABC. England-Ecuador
12 p.m. ESPN. Portugal-Holland

Monday 26 June
8 a.m. ESPN. Italy-Australia
12 p.m. ESPN. Switzerland-Ukraine

Tuesday 27 June
8 a.m. ESPN. Brasil-Ghana
12 p.m. ESPN. Spain-France

Friday 30 June
8 a.m. ESPN. Germany-Argentina
12 p.m. ESPN2 Italy - Ukraine

Saturday 1 July
8 a.m. ABC. England - Portugal
12 p.m. ESPN. Brasil - France winner

Tuesday 4 July
12 p.m. ESPN. Germany-Italy

Wednesday 5 July
12 p.m. ESPN. Portugal - France

3rd Place Match
Saturday 8 July
12 p.m. ESPN. Germany - POR/FRA loser

World Cup Final
Subday 9 July
11 a.m. ABC. Italy - POR/FRA winner

Mad props to John John for his Visio wizardry.


Anonymous said...

The Spain-France game shall be lots o'fun.

I think, the quarterfinal Germany-Argentina match up will decide one finalist while the Brazil-winner of Spain-France match will decide the other.

Anonymous said...

Outside of Ghana qualifying out of Group E, this has been the most predictable World Cup in ages.

Australia is the only other team that you could even reasonably call a surprise in the Final 16 and that's stretching it.

Kanu said...

Agreed Nico, although Ecuador over Poland also went against the pre-tourney consensus.

I'm not compalining though. The result is some tasty ass matchups.

Spain-France and Portugal-Holland in the round of 16? Wow. It's going to be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that typical Spainish luck too by the way? They played great, so their reward is a date with the French. (I mean, seriously, who would you rather face, the Swiss or the French?) :p

fifipoo07 said...

Just came to u via cute sports. So glad to c another world cup blogger!Frustrated

Kanu said...


Thanks man. Click on the link in the sidebar on the right titled "World Cup Readers Guide". Is a good rundown of alot of great World Cup blogging and writing going down on the internets.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I forgot about Poland being a pick amongst the "pundits."

After seeing them play the US earlier in the year and their massive choke against Colombia in a friendly just before the WC, I knew they were bound for three and out.

Why don't I get paid for this? :D

Nicole said...

The DVR is already set for that Spain-France match. After watching the Spanish in qualifying, I'm definitely headed in the direction of that bandwagon. Plus, I don't speak Holland-ian or Ukraine-ish.

(Also, does it make me a wanker to hold a little tiny place in my heart where I want to see England pull it out? How amazing would that be? Peter Crouch, WC hero? Come on, it's got a certain ring to it!)

Anonymous said...

No Nicole, there is nothing wrong with rooting for England, even on a Francophile blog.

I don't think there is much in it between facing Switzerland and France, it's not like either team ever wins when they play. I can't see either one going far in the knockouts. IMO Spain is a much better team than France and should take care of them convincingly.

Hopefully the upsets in this year's cup will come in the round of 16. I could see Ghana upseting Brazil or Australia taking out Italy. If they do, then the Aussies would have a good shot in the next round against the Switzerland-Ukranine winner as well.

Of the teams I thnk look the strongest, most are in the bottom half of the bracket. Spain, Brazil, Holland, Portugal and England have to fight it out for one spot in the finals whereas the other side pretty much just has Argentina and Germany as top teams. Anybody other than those two getting a spot in the final would qualify as a Cinderella.

Anonymous said...

OK, I forgot Italy. As a former winner they wouldn't qualify as a Cinderella, but I'd be very surprised if they made it.

Kanu said...

Agreed. Bottom half is LOADED.