Saturday, June 10, 2006

Why You Should Watch the World Cup on Univision Instead Of Disney

Slightly better than Dave Revsine and Eric Wynalda

Even if like me you don't speak Spanish, there is never a bad time to watch Univision because of the 60 second rule: they simply do not allow 60 seconds of airtime to pass without showing a stunningly beautiful woman. Futbol matches are the obvious exception, but their coverage is waaay better than the regular broadcasts even though I cannot understand it: the announcers convey the sense of excitement much better with their enthusiasm, and after all, Dave Revsine or Marcelo Balboa are not going to tell you if the last goal was a GOL! or a GOLASO!. Si Senor! Falta! Penal! I love it. Anyhow, they more than make up for the fact that you don't understand what they are saying with a show called Republica Deportiva, which is kind of like a cross between SportsCenter, Good Morning America, and the old Club MTV, with some of the most amazing women you will ever see. Not sure yet about weekdays, but on weekends it is defintely worth checking out before, after, and in between the matches. Would you rather be watching Brent Musburger and Alexi Lalas, or this? I rest my case. You're welcome.

Have fun watching Musburger & Lalas. I'll be over here.

Oh, and Mr. Swindle: I'll put the host of Republica Deportiva up against anybody on Bigote MiƩrcoles.

"I get paid to report sports news surronded by ridiculously
beautiful women. I'm laughing at you, SportsCenter anchors."


Anonymous said...

But ABC has golf in between! You heard me: GOLF!!!

Kanu said...

Although I like golf, that's 2 QEDMFs in 1 post, the first being the picture above and the 2nd being your comment.

Anonymous said...

Univision is all about that ass.

Kanu said...


ESPN may claim to be the "Worldwide Leader In Sports", but Univision is certainly the "Worldwide Leader In Ass."

Hostpph said...

You convinced me. After I saw the post's picture and There aren't anything else to say. I am with Univision.