Friday, May 26, 2006

World Cup TV Schedule

We're 2 weeks away from the largest sporting event on the planet. Below is the ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 TV schedule for viewers in the United States (matches will also be on Univision). Note that the final match will be watched by over 2 billion people, which means that 1 out of every 3 human beings on planet Earth will be watching - pretty mindboggling to think about.

In addition to the schedule below, ESPN will air a daily show called "World Cup Live" after Sportscenter, "usually at 12.00 - 12.20 a.m. EST"

Be sure to give this a once over so that you can mark your mental or physical calendar for any matches that you don't want to miss, so that you don't unknowingly commit to an antiques show or distant cousin-in-laws 1st birthday party/backyard BBQ with your wife/girlfriend/significant other on the same time & date that your favorite team is playing. You have been warned. Enjoy.

(All times listed here are Pacific Standard Time)

Time. Network. Group. Match

Group Stage Match 1
Friday 9 June
9 a.m. ESPN2. A. Germany-Costa Rica
12 p.m. ESPN2. A. Poland-Ecuador

Saturday 10 June
6 a.m. ABC. B. England-Paraguay
9 a.m. ABC. B. Trinidad & Tobago-Sweden
12 p.m. ESPN2. C. Argentina-Ivory Coast

Sunday 11 June
6 a.m. ESPN2. C. Serbia & Montenegro-Holland
9 a.m. ABC. D. Mexico-Iran
12 p.m. ESPN2. D. Angola-Portugal

Monday 12 June
6 a.m. ESPN2. F. Australia-Japan
9 a.m. ESPN2. E. United States-Czech Republic
12 p.m. ESPN2. E. Italy-Ghana

Tuesday 13 June
6 a.m. ESPN2. G. South Korea-Togo
9 a.m. ESPN2. G. France-Switzerland
12 p.m. ESPN2. F. Brasil-Croatia

Wednesday 14 June
6 a.m. ESPN2. H. Spain-Ukraine.
9 a.m. ESPN2. H. Tunisia-Saudi Arabia
12 p.m. ESPN2. A. Germany-Poland

Group Stage Match 2
Thursday 15 June
6 a.m. ESPN2. A. Ecuador-Costa Rica
9 a.m. ESPN2. B. England-Trinidad & Tobago
12 p.m. ESPN. B. Sweden-Paraguay

Friday 16 June
6 a.m. ESPN2. C. Argentina-Serbia & Montenegro
9 a.m. ESPN2. C. Holland- Ivory Coast
12 p.m. ESPN. D. Mexico-Angola

Saturday 17 June
6 a.m. ESPN2. D. Portugal-Iran
9 a.m. ABC. E. Ghana-Czech Republic
12 p.m. ABC. E. Italy-United States

Sunday 18 June
6 a.m. ABC. F. Japan-Croatia
9 a.m. ABC. F. Brasil-Australia
12 p.m. ABC. G. France-South Korea

Monday 19 June
6 a.m. ESPN2. G. Togo-Switzerland
9 a.m. ESPN2. H. Saudi Arabia-Ukraine
12 p.m. ESPN2. H. Spain-Tunisia

Group Stage Final Match
Tuesday 20 June
7 a.m. ESPN2. A. Costa Rica-Poland
7 a.m. ESPN. A. Ecuador-Germany
12 p.m. ESPN2. B. Paraguay-Trinidad & Tobago
12 p.m. ESPN. B. Sweden-England

Wednesday 21 June
7 a.m. ESPN2. D. Iran-Angola
7 a.m. ESPN. D. Portugal-Mexico
12 p.m. ESPN2. C. Ivory Coast-Serbia & Montenegro
12 p.m. ESPN. C. Holland-Argentina

Thursday 22 June
7 a.m. ESPN2. E. Czech Republic-Italy
7 a.m. ESPN. E. Ghana-United States
12 p.m. ESPN2. F. Croatia-Australia
12 p.m. ESPN. F. Japan-Brasil

Friday 23 June
7 a.m. ESPN2. H. Ukraine-Tunisia
7 a.m. ESPN. H. Saudi Arabia-Spain
12 p.m. ESPN2. G. Switzerland-South Korea
12 p.m. ESPN. G. Togo-France

Round Of 16
Saturday 24 June
8 a.m. ABC. Germany-Sweden
12 p.m. ESPN. Argentina-Mexico

Sunday 25 June
8 a.m. ABC. England-Ecuador
12 p.m. ESPN. Portugal-Holland

Monday 26 June
8 a.m. ESPN. Italy-Australia
12 p.m. ESPN. Switzerland-Ukraine

Tuesday 27 June
8 a.m. ESPN. Brasil-Ghana
12 p.m. ESPN. Spain-France

Friday 30 June
8 a.m. ESPN. GER/SWE winner - ARG/MEX winner (QF1)
12 p.m. ESPN2 ITA/AUS winner - SWI/UKR winner (QF2)

Saturday 1 July
8 a.m. ABC. ENG/ECU winner - POR/HOL winner (QF3)
12 p.m. ESPN. BRA/GHA winner - SPA/FRA winner (QF4)

Tuesday 4 July
12 p.m. ESPN. QF1 winner - QF2 winner

Wednesday 5 July
12 p.m. ESPN. QF3 winner - QF4 winner

3rd Place Match
Saturday 8 July
12 p.m. ESPN. SF1 loser - SF2 loser

World Cup Final
Subday 9 July
11 a.m. ABC. SF1 winner - SF2 winner


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