Wednesday, May 24, 2006

From The Dept. of Are You Shitting Me?:
PV4 Gassed Unconscious, Robbed

Sports begets insanity, usually in the form of extremely wacky behavior by fans, and most of it is good for a laugh but no one is seriously affected. But a huge problem in South America, specifically Brasil, is star players and/or their family members being kidnapped and held for ransom by gangs or other criminal elements. Superstars like Romario and Robinho have had to deal with this in recent years, and it is a very serious and scary problem.

Now this, from France of all places: former Arsenal captain/legend, and current Juventus star Patrick Vieira, his wife, and his child were gassed unconscious in their own home and robbed of lots and lots of valuables as well as a Mercedes Benz.

Mess with PV4 at your own peril

Unbelieveable. Fortunately they are all OK, just a little light in the wallet and garage. Here's hoping that they apprehend Les Idiots Dangerouses and bring them to justice, and that PV4 goes on to kick ass for France at the World Cup.


5 men arrested for doing the job. In addition to whatever punishment the French courts mete out, I propose that PV4 himself should get to do this a few times to each of the burglars:

More effective crime deterrant
than jail or community service

***Update II***

What a bizarre week for Vieira: he, along with the rest of the France team, had to climb up a glacier in the Alps as part of their World Cup training.

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