Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've Heard Of A Woman Throwing Herself At A Man, But Damn...

Lionel Messi. Every woman in Argentina {and many beyond} wants to fuck him. Every man in Argentina {and many beyond} wants to be him. He just turned 20 2 weeks ago and is already one of the very best players in the world, and is the first of the "next Maradonas" to live up to that comparison with his incredible skills, goals, status & success as a phenom; even Diego himself thinks so. It also helps that he is also left footed, short, and fast as fuck. Oh, and before his teenage years had even ended he had already damn near replicated Maradona's most famous goal, as well as his most infamous goal, just adding to the growing legend. Most agree that he is destined to be the next to be universally hailed as "best player in the world".

So yeah, he's all the rage. I'm sure thousands and perhaps millions of young girls have huge crushes on him, and many likely have a poster of Lionel on their wall, his picture on their cellphone, have joined his fanclub, and scream at him like he's the Beatles on Ed Sullivan back in '64. If there is an Argentine version of Tiger Beat magazine, then they have them all plastered all over their room just like you did with Kirk Cameron back in the day.

Well this Chica Loca! took it one step further the other night after Argentina beat Peru 4-0 in the Copa America quarterfinals: she threw herself at him.

'What do you mean, Kanu- she found the hotel, snuck in, and tried to approach him at the bar?"

No. She literally threw herself off a fucking ledge at the stadium as he was walking off the field and risked life and limb just to get close to him.

And she got drilled in the ass, but not from Lionel {at least not in this video}.

As we all know from Groupies 101: Don't do this, cause you
won't be able to starfuck Messi with your newly broken pelvis

She did get a hug and a kiss, but damn... ouch. Oh well, she can tell her chiropractor about it every week for the rest of her life.


Moin said...

I wonder what Messi was thinking right before this happened. "If I wave at her, maybe she'll flash me her tits?"

Also, I love how Messi doesn't quite make an effort to catch her.

el pichichi said...

Speaking of the next Maradona, whatever became of Ariel Ortega?

Kanu said...

Moin- I don't think Messi needs to make such a big effort to get women to show him their tits; I think he probaly gets plenty of that, and much, much more, without having to do anything at all.

EP- According to Wiki, he is back in Buenos Aires with River Plate:


Moin said...

While I don't doubt that it's very easy for Messi to see boobies, I refuse to believe he would not go out of his way to see more.

Chg said...

Tater Salad agrees with moin.

beast in 'bama said...

At the end of the clip he turns to the coach/trainer/team official and says, "Did you SEE that crazy bitch?"
Or the rough Spanish equivalent thereof...