Friday, April 20, 2007

Eerily Familiar Argentine Brilliance

So while I was Canada last weekend young Argentine Lionel Messi scored a most beautiful goal. Observe:

Gole del Ano en La Liga

As remarkable a goal as that was for young Lionel, the best player in the world under 20, what is generating all of the buzz is how unbelievably similar this goal was to a goal scored by one Diego Armando Maradona in the 1986 World Cup against England, and the fact that Maradona's goal is widely considered the greatest goal ever scored.

"genio... genio... genio..."

And not just that the goals are almost carbon copies but that both men are shortish, left footed Argentine phenoms.

You can see just how similar they are by watching them side by side:

As I said somewhere else, I am just glad that Messi replicated Maradona's 2nd most famous goal and not his most famous one, the legendary "Hand Of God" goal, which coincidentally is from that same 1986 World Cup quarterfinal against England, because I have been a big fan of Messi from the get go and it would suck if he resorted to such cheating.


DC Trojan said...

That commentary on the Maradona goal is classic "DIOS SANTO! Viva el futbol!"

It's actually pretty eerie how similar those goals were. Written descriptions are one thing, but holy moly.

Kanu said...

Si, si. That is why I chose that version of that vid, because the commentary is so epic- I love the "genio... genio... genio..." as well.

Dude is up there with the Bergkamp freakout guy that you love so much.