Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boo Weekley: A Golfer For People Who Dislike Golfers

Been meaning to write this for over a year, but now that he's -2 and tied for 20th going into the weekend, there's no better time than now...

Do you dislike golf and golfers because to you they all seem like spoiled, wealthy, country club kids with no personality?

Then Boo Weekley is the guy for you. Named after Yogi Bear's sidekick, a country boy from North Florida, he is the most refreshing thing to hit the golf world since John Daly {Jason Gore included}.

A PGA Tour professional who doesn't know anything about the Ryder Cup, is not at all aware of golf history, records, and who admittedly loves huntin' n' fishin' much more than being a professional golfer, to the point where he would rather be at home fishin' than shooting 64 in the 3rd round of a major to put himself into contention while barely missing a tie for the best round in the history of all four majors. No, really:

"Naw, I mean I had a good day and it was fun... but what would
be even funner if I'm sitting at the house catchin' about a 10 pounder."

See? I knew you'd dig him.

How about that 1) he's been a PGA Tour professional for 4 years now but still lives in a trailer, and that he didn't even know what week The Masters was even after he qualified for it and was figuring out his playing schedule- check out his recent interview with Jeff Rude:

Here's an interview he did at the tour championship last year, where he rocked a Cleveland Golf camo hat.

And here is a great longer piece on him, his background, through his own words and those of his family:

"Out here in this golf, you know, you gotta show a little etiquittacy."

Don't be fooled, the fact that he did that interview means that he was in the top 30 on the money list last year, so dude can flat out golf his ball. He won the event in Hilton Head last year, and will be defending that title next week {I think it's called the Verizon Heritage these days}, and he is one of the best young players around.

Again, a massive breath of fresh air in the stodgy and often boring drone life of the PGA Tour, and a kind, honest, friendly, humble, modest, and simple man that anyone can get behind and root for, from serious golf fans to casual ones to people who don't even like golf.

Boo is -2 going into today at The Masters {tied for 20th}. There's lots of dudes that I would like to see win this week, but none moreso than him.

Oh, and for a country boy from North Florida who loves huntin' n fishin' more than golf, he can do a little pimpin' as well.

Boo on Thursday

Boo on Friday


DAve said...

In a recent issue of Golf Digest he talked about stepping into a makeshift ring at a carnival to fight an orangutan.

"I got in the ring. The orangutan didn't look like much. He came up about to my chest, though his arms were as long as he was tall. When the match started, he didn't lift his arms. He kept them down at his side and used them to pivot and follow me as I circled him like Muhammad Ali," Weekley told Golf Digest. "My buddies were going wild. "Get him, Boo! Kick his butt!" ... I moved in close and faked with my right, and that's the last thing I remember. I woke up bleeding in the back of a friend's pickup. The orangutan had knocked me cold with one punch, which I didn't even see coming."

You can't make this stuff up.

Picture Me Rollin said...

I was glad to see that he successfully defended his title. I just discovered him and liked him from the "get-go" and then I find out this:
(about half-way down).

Hostpph said...

I don't know why people could hate it. Probably because you didn't play it with the people that you should play.