Thursday, April 6, 2006

My Pick

So I'm about to watch the tape delay 1st day coverage of The Masters on TV, so I wanted to throw this out there. Although I have a side bet with my buddy SD where I have Tiger at 3/1 against the field, my pick is one Ernie Els.

Would have made one hell of a tight end

Can't go with Jason Gore, who I love mainly because he is a regular guy, really nice guy, and out of shape guy that can straight-up golf his ball, but mostly because his caddy rocks the red sneaks a la Scottie Pippin as well as a MESH PBR HAT on the freaking PGA tour, which is one of the coolest things ever. (I can only imagine the scene at the US Open last year between USGA Officials and J Gore: "Uggh, Jason, tomorrow you are playing in the last group of the United States Open. Do you think your caddy could wear any hat from our merchandise tent, at our expense of course?" "Hell, no old man! He's rockin' the PBR mesh, and we're gonna go out there and shoot 84 in style!") He didn't qualify this year, but that's OK, because his caddy would have had to wear the standard caddy getup & green Masters hat, so it just wouldn't have been the same.

J Gore: Might not always win, but ALWAYS has the coolest caddy.

So Ernie it is. Always been a big Elsy fan, seems pure class, and he has come so close in the past with some runner up finishes and several top 10s methinks. My lasting memory from Sunday 2004 is not Phil finally winning and showing the world his 14 inch vertical, but rather the shots of Ernie on the putting green as Phil played 17 & 18. Not nervously preparing/focusing on the likely playoff in the biggest golf tournament in the world that had always barely eluded him, but sitting there munching on an apple like a 5 year old kid at the bustop waiting for the schoolbus. Biggest tournament in the world and dude could not be more laid back & relaxed. Hilarious & epic. Aside- I would love to have seen Ernie & Retief on that shortlived TV gameshow "The Chair", where they strapped you into a chair, put the heart monitor on you and then did stuff to freak you out like dropped live alligators from the ceiling down over your head, with the winner the one who keeps the lowest heartrate. I figure they would still be filming, and the only one getting worked up/flustered/freaking out would be host John McEnroe, while Ernie's heart rate stays at 12 and Retief's at 9. In fact, this is probably why the show was pulled after all...

A sweet consolation this week would be a playoff between Ernie & Retief. It would be funny that the two competitors total stress level would be significantly lower than every person watching at home.

I figure he is due some karma, both from Augusta National(several near misses) and in general (torn ACL from inner-tubing behind a boat in the Mediterranean last summer). Anyhow, I hope his healing knee holds up and he makes up for all the near misses and the apple munch episode and gets his green jacket this year.

Would trade 5 of these for a green jacket.

So there it is.

Who do you like, and why?


Orson Swindle said...

Gore, but only if he litters on the course at Augusta. Watching the little Hootie henchmen blowing gaskets as the great unwashed shed their filthy skin cells onto the virgin grass of Augusta National always tickles us.

Kanu said...

Sorry Swindle, he's not in the field this week - didn't qualify. You must not have had your coffee yet this morning.

Might I recommend John Daly to you as a replacement? Populist and very anti-establishment. If in the wrong mood might do something just to piss off the powers that be at Augusta National.