Monday, March 10, 2008

My Weekend In 9 Pictures

{click pictures to enlarge}

Green Gulch Farm near Muir Beach, Marin

Sunset at Muir Beach, Marin

Pacific Coast Trail at Pirates Cove

FC Red Stripes back for the attack

Ocean Beach {Mt. Tam in background}

Chillin' at Ocean Beach

O.G. Dawg Blanket: still rockin' after all these years

Palace of Fine Arts & Alcatraz from Inspiration Point, SF

What $282 of groceries looks like

Full set of pictures can be seen here.

I hope you had a great weekend, whatever you got into.


Theodore Eugene said...

A case of wine, a 6 pack of tall boys (thankfully not cheap crap), marginal amounts of food, and flowers. It looks like $200 worth of stuff and $82 worth of food. HOWEVER, all of the above items are simply beautiful additions to the framed items that still rest beside your kitchen table!

Kanu said...


Sorry to disappoint but half of the case is mineral water, and 7 bottles of wine at Trader Joe's runs you about $60, and tulips are $6, so the numbers are about the inverse of your supposition.

Just amazed that $282 could be racked up at Trader Joe's. I mean Whole Foods, yes, one could do that in 5 minutes and only purchase 15 items, but that much at TJs was a pretty remarkable haul.

As far as the pics, long story...