Monday, March 10, 2008

John Daly Is A Butt Man

People often lament not living in the same era as Babe Ruth, and that we'll never see someone like him again.

Well, John Daly is probably about as close as we'll ever get.

After missing the cut in Tampa over the weekend, JD hung out in the Hooters tent, drank lots of beers, mingled with the people, and had himself a good time. The next day. How many golfers miss the cut on Friday afternoon, then go back to the tournament on Saturday to hang out, mingle with the fans, drink beer, and watch a little golf? The answer is now apparently 1: JD.

Oh, and he also signed a girl's ass, while revealing himself to be a "butt man". As a butt man and Sharpie aficionado myself, I can certainly appreciate that.

Well from one butt man to another, JD, forget all the haters and just keep doin' what you do. You are already a legend, now even more so in these eyes of mine.

Play on playa {on the golf course as well}

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