Sunday, March 9, 2008

Drawing 0-0 With Wigan...

... is an excellent way to NOT win the English Premiership Title.

To wit:

Wigan's last 20 premiership matches {before today} over the last 3+ years against the so-called "Big 4" of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chel$ea, Liverpool: 1 draw, 19 losses.

Truly 2 points dropped.

For about a month I have felt like it is all going to come down to Arsenal's road matches with Manchester United and Chel$ea {as well as ManUtd's trip to Chel$ea}. Up until today I thought that they could draw both matches and still win the league. Now it looks like they will have to come up with 4 points from those two matches to have a chance.

RVP is back- hopefully he will get back to scoring goals {and not get re-injured yet again} and maybe they can so it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were currently 3rd choice at the betting shops.

That being said, they could very well make it to the Champions League Final, as anything can happen in a knockout competiton {see: Barnsley, Cardiff}.

Win our lose it should be a hell of a run in...

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