Thursday, June 7, 2007

Every Straight Alpha Male's Dream

Yup. A chick that not only likes sports but is also knowledgeable about them. Even better would be 8 such ladies together, right?

Well, thanks to the magical world of EDSBS Radio, I have come to know that such an octet does in fact exist in the form of Ladies dot dot dot. Launched back in February, they pretty much said it all with their opening salvo into the blogosphere:

Sport in America has been the province of men for generations.There’s no shortage of strong, capable women bucking that trend, however, so we’re out to conquer a side market: leering.

Yes, we’re playing the field (literally), and we don’t kiss nice. We are the Ladies…with one eye on the scoreboard, and the other on your sweet ass.

So if you are an alpha male, then there you go. But the beauty of their site is that it is first and foremost for the ladies. Remember last summer during the World Cup when I offered up to the ladies out there some equal opportunity tittilation in the form of soccer manbeef? Well, they do that with all sports: every damn day (or, if you know Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik: "all day, e'er day {bwwooonnng}"). So like the movie Braveheart, the Ladies can be enjoyed equally whether you reside on Mars or Venus.

I don't know a whole hell of a lot about them, but I can tell you that:

-Texas Gal, aka Miss Texy, can most likely drink your ass under the table with straight bourbon.

-Holly, a Tennessee fan, is fast and loose with the f bomb and other fun obscenities, which certainly appreciated by the human f bomb machine that is Kanu.

-Their readership's grip on reality if firm, for they had no problem figuring out what I have known for many years: that I am not hott.

So enjoy the Ladies, and add them to your daily rotation. I'm sure you will be entertained. Oh, and the super secret password to their inner sanctum is bacon pants.

Further Reading:

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