Thursday, June 7, 2007

From The Dept. Of: Are You Shitting Me?
The London 2012 Olympic Logo Update

Yesterday I alerted you to the hideousness that is the London 2012 Olympic Logo. Since then more information has come to my attention that ups the "Are you shitting me?" factor considerably. To wit:

1. Here is the logo that London 2012 used during the bidding process and won the Olympic bid with:

The O.G. logo

Pretty classic, sharp, clean, and represents London well, as the Olympic ribbons in the logo symbolize the River Thames and the shape it takes as it flows through London.

So why the hell would any group of sane people replace that with this?

This thing takes my International Bad Line
concept to new depths, err, heights.

Just astounding and amazing. But wait, it gets better.

2. The new logo, which was unveiled on Tuesday, was developed at a cost of 400,000 pounds, which is damn near a million US dollars. Damn. I mean, just, damn. The genius behind this comes courtesy of the brand consultancy firm Wolff Olins, and we can all be sure that their phone is ringing off the hook with new business offers from around the world. Going from the old logo to the new is mind boggling enough. Paying 400,000 pounds to do so is beyond mind-boggling.

3. There was a flash animation of the new logo on the London 2012 website, but it had to be taken down because people were having epileptic seizures looking at it.

4. It seems that every newspaper and magazine in Britain is running a contest to design a better logo, but my favorite is the one in The Sun, which ran submissions from not only young children but also a blind woman and an actual monkey.

Madness. Pure madness. Hat tips to John John and OMAA for keeping the Dodgy At Best News Department up to date. More info on the logo, including its comparison to Lisa Simpson performing fellatio, can be found here.

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