Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Queen Is In The House, Oh My God, Oh My God...

Hell yes that's a Blase Blase reference, and the first time in human history that Blase Blase and The Queen Of England have been linked.

So yes, The Queen is indeed in the house at CD today. The reason is pretty obvious: with the very uncommon lack of Kanu and/or Solon at the Derby today, she is representin' The Arsenal of course.

First Arsenal, and now the Derby?
I think I'm getting a serious crush on The Queen...

Lead story is trainer Todd Pletcher with 5 horses, trying to get his first Derby {o for 14} and first triple crown race {0 for 21}.

Also crazy that this is the 1st Derby since 1980 without a horse trained by D. Ranged Lukas, Nick Zito, or Bob Baffert.

So many angles and questions with this field, and the buzz is mostly about how so many of the contenders are seriously bucking historic trends. Usually many of these knocks would make people throw these horses out, but training methods have changed so much in the last 5 years, plus Barbaro breaking one of those very historical trends last year by winning off of a 5 week layoff, pretty much anything can happen. The Derby is the hardest horse race in the world to handicap, and now this year you add in the fact that many many horses have run on the artificial Polytrack surface, then throw in the fact that although the track is fast is may very well rain at the last minute just like in 2004, then literally anything can happen.

That being said, my winner is STREET SENSE. Sucks to have the favorite, but the beauty of a 20 horse field with seperate betting entries is that he will go off at about 5-1 which is just crazy. I keep trying to throw him out and I can't. He is the best horse, his last two workouts over the CD track have been absolutely stellar, and the connetions give me alot of confidence. He also fits the so-called "Derby Profile". So there it is, he is my winner and I have him across the board.

The other two horses that fit the traditional "Derby profile" are Any Given Saturday and Nobiz Like Showbiz.

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