Saturday, May 5, 2007

17 Minutes To Post, My Bets Are In

Shit, ran out of time in that last post with analysis.

Oh well, my bets are in.

$10 across the board on STREET SENSE

$8 on a wacky $1 trifecta partial wheel with STREET SENSE in the win spot, CURLIN and ANY GIVEN SATURDAY in the place spot, and CURLIN, NOBIZ LIKE SHOWBIZ, SCAT DADDY, CIRCULAR QUAY, and ANY GIVEN SATURDAY in the show spot.

Just as I was getting all excited about having STREET SENSE at 5-1, he just ticked down to 9-2. Damnit- lots of late money is going to pound him down to 7-2. Shit. Oh well.

Best of luck to you, and let's hope that they all make it around safely.

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