Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Public Service Announcement:
31 Cent Scoop Night At Baskin Robbins

So you missed Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day a while back, and you are bitter towards me that I didn't notify you until that day at 11 a.m. Pacific time. Well now your second shot and this time I'm giving you a whopping 17 hours notice.

Today, Wednesday May 2, is 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins from 5-10 p.m. It used to be Free Scoop Night, so that kind of sucks. But they are donating $100,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, so that kind of rules. I'm sure you have 31 cents in the cupholder of your car or under the couch cushions. Or you can always go into like 7 different mini-marts and take all of the give-a-penny, take-a-pennies.

Obligatory Pavlovian saliva-response-mechanism file photo

Find the store nearest you here.

Happy no corporate profit margin ice cream eating...


OMAA said...

Thanks for the heads up. Mrs. OMAA took the kids to DQ on Tuesday night, and we did partake last night. Can't remember the last time I had Ice Cream store Ice Cream 2 nights in a row. FYI the BR on 141 in Norcross was mobbed!

Kanu said...

Nice man - glad you made it.

I was at that very BR for Free Scoop Night in either 2002 or 2003, and it was completely nutty as well.