Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Derby Week 2007:
Anticipation, Melancholy Approacheth

Saturday is the 133rd running of The Kentucky Derby. Alas I will not be attending for the first time since 1998, busting up a solid 8 year Derby streak. I already know that on Saturday I will be melancholy all day that I am sitting in my apartment watching on TV and not at Churchill Downs with my good mates Brain, Tasso, et al.

But this isn't about me; this is about reminding you why the Derby is such a special and wonderfully kick-ass event. In case you forgot or are not already aware, I put some thoughts on this down last year called...

Kentucky Derby 101

Kentucky Derby 101.1: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Kentucky Derby 101.2: Easily The Most Difficult Achievement In All Of Sports

Kentucky Derby 101.3: Into The Unknown

Kentucky Derby 101.4: Into The Unknown II: Field, Style, Pace

Kentucky Derby 101.5: Why The Jockeys Are Total & Complete Badasses

Kentucky Derby 101.6: Why Martha Burk Loves The Derby

Kentucky Derby 101.7: Why Kentucky Goes Completely Apeshit For Derby

Kentucky Derby 101.8: Why The Derby Is The Most Fun Sporting Event You Will Ever Attend

The very important post position draw will be later today on ESPN. I hope to have some sort of preview/analysis up before Friday afternoon, but I'm not sure if that will happen - hopefully so.

The big news today was that Hard Spun ran his 5 furlong workout today in a straight up insane :57 3/5, the fastest 5 furlong Derby workout since 1979. This means one of two things: either OMG he is the greatest horse since Secretariat and will definitely win the Derby easily, or that the horse ran waaaay too fast, is totally cooked, and has no chance. More horse people will be in the former camp than the latter.

I'm not even close to handicapping this race, so watch this space...

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