Thursday, April 5, 2007

While I Was Out

Not only did the Gators repeat in basketball, they even defeated the legendary GymDogs last weekend in the SEC Tournament. Shit, gymnastics too? That is one of the very few sports that Georgia has ALWAYS been superior to Florida in. Damn.

Arsenal are not only not good, they are boring and can't score goals. Only 6 in their last 9 matches. Hell, watching the replay of their come from ahead to lose 2001 FA Cup Final against Liverpool was more exciting than the current version of the Arse.

If you thought you had a bad week last week, at least you weren't the Norway goalkeeper. In their Euro 2008 qually they were surprisingly 2-0 up away to Turkey, a team that is surely better than them. Even better is that instead of playing away to perhaps the loudest and most intimidating fans in world football, they were playing in an empty stadium because of some trouble that Turkey got into with UEFA.

Eat your hearts out, Autzen, Cameron Indoor, et al.
Oh, and yes: it is completely insane that the match was not stopped and that the players just played on as if nothing out of the ordinary was happenenig.

{aside for college football fans- you think the "Jump Around" thing in the Wisconsin student section before the 4th quarter is badass? Check this shit out dude}

But then their goalkeeper had not 1 but 2 absolute howlers and it finished 2-2. Worse still was that they 2nd uber-blunder was in the 89th minute. I remember lots of howlers from goalkeepers, but I don't ever remember 2 so bad in one match from the same dude.

Bad Day At The Office

Then there is Edmilson. A Brasilian international who plays for Barcelona. In other words, dude is good. So it was pretty hilarious to see him try to kick a ball right in front of him, miss the ball, kick the ground, and fall over on his arse. The equivalent to seeing a professional golfer roll a ground ball up the middle off the tee.

But no worries, because the best triumvirate in world futbol had his back. That's Ronaldinho, Eto'o, and Messi of course. Now that Messi & Eto'o are back to full health they have resumed playing some serious joga bonito that should be watched any time you get the chance to see them take the field.


The first goal was just remarkable - an amazing shimmy, pass, and perhaps en even better finish by Messi, and the 2nd has a great passing buildup and finish as well -both remind me of the beautiful stuff that Arsenal were playing between 2002-2004 when they were playing the prettiest footy on the planet.


Great stuff, and no doubt in my mind that they will win La Liga for the 3rd year on the trot. The bigger question seems to be: will this team be dismantled or will they stay together and continue the dynasty?


Paul Westerdawg said...

neither here nor there, but....

when you cut and paste the HTML code from Youtube, you can adjust the width from 460 or so to 380 and the picture will be much better. Just make sure you change it in both references to WIDTH.

Plus, it fits better on the page.

Kanu said...

Thank you, Sir.

I'll try to remember that.

Aureliano said...

Those were two absolute blunders, almost looks like he was paid off.
Funny bit: in Brazil we call keepers who make such blunders "turkeys".

LD said...

Here's Eintracht Frankfurt doing the jump around. I don't think this merits emulation: