Thursday, April 5, 2007

Would You Bet Against Toigah?

Sorry, I just love saying & typing Tiger Woods' name the way that Aussie announcer Ian Baker Finch says it.

Say it with him, it's fun: "Toi-gah"

So I read last week that Ladbrokes was offering 5/4 odds on Tiger to win the Masters, which is the shortest odds that they have ever offered on any golfer to win any major.

5/4 sounds completely insane even against a smaller than normal field for a major, but it's really not.

Dude is 4 for 9 as a professional at The Masters, and an even more insane 10 for 18 in par 72 major championships as a professional. That's batting .555 against the field, so 5/4 is actually in the right neighborhood.

If I were betting I would take him, and for about the last 10 years I have taken him at 3-1 against the field in all majors with a friend, and done very well.

My non-master of the obvious pick?

KJ Choi.

I wish I knew how to say "Badass Golf Assassin" in Korean

Of course, the way that the Gators are going right now, it's pretty obvious that Gator alum and fanatic Chris DiMarco is going to win this event that he always seems to play so well in.

Fellow Gator Haters: think it can't get any worse?
It can: this fucker could win this week.

Who do you like?


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