Monday, November 6, 2006

Invasor Es El Campeon Del Mundo

Results versus punditry/hype: Invasor is to Texas as Bernardini is to USC.

So after rambling on and on Friday afternoon, I was talking to a friend after work about the BC Classic, and I said "you know, watch Invasor win tomorrow and show me how stupid I am for knocking him about the 90 day layoff, since just earlier this year Barbaro won the Derby on a 5 week layoff after my dumbass completely threw him out because of it."

And so it came to pass
. And amazing performance to run down Bernardini after Bernardini made an amazing move around the 3rd/4th turn.

As Kenny Mayne has been saying all year: "Eeen-vah-zooor. Ee is the best." Congrats to him and his conncetions.

My pick of Premium Tap did in fact run a big race, finishing a solid 3rd. My theoretical across teh board bet on him and 4 horse exacta box would have put me in the black, but barely.

Amazing that Pletcher went 0 for 17.

TV ratings were abysmal - 50% less than last year on NBC, which were the worst ever, but wagering records were set on track and on TVG. Interesting.

Bernardini will be retired to stud.

Barbaro got his cast taken off

Derby trail starts in January.

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