Monday, November 6, 2006

Serenity Now

Kentucky 24-20 Georgia.

Not much to say, other than recommending that all Georgia fans immediately adopt Serenity Now as their mantra.

Vandy & UK in the same year - wow. After losing to Navin R. Johnson we turn around and lose to Red Foreman.

Can we please stop losing to funny entertainers?

As bad as it is it could be way worse - we damn near lost to MSU, Colorado, and Ole Miss - we could really be sitting at 3-7 and lets remember that 1 of our wins is against 1-AA Western Kentucky.

Could we beat Auburn? Sure, if we don't make stupid mistakes and turnovers. Same with Georgia Tech. But from all we have seen this year that sure doesn't look likely. I am not counting on it but I have seen stranger things, so I will believe until the scoreboard and clock tell me to stop. We shall see.

Some are talking about refusing a bowl bid if we go 6-6 and just getting it over it. I disagree, only because the team sure as shit needs the extra 30 days of practice that a bowl game brings, as that will have an effect on the team next year, especially for young Matthew. Additionally, the SEC is looking like they may very well have 9 bowl eligible teams this year, which is more than they are contracted to fill. So it is possible that Georgia could get shipped out to some wacky ass bowl. If that is the San Francisco bowl then I'm all for it, since I could walk to the game - literally. As embarrassing as such a scenario would be, for me personally it would be fun.

That being said, I would much prefer wins over The Cheaters (Auburn) and The Nerds (GT), an 8-4 season, and a Peach Bowl berth for the Dawgs.

Start practicing for Saturday: Serenity Now.


moin said...

On the brightside, Arsenal is alot better than West Ham and... oh hmm... Well, at least Wenger didn't lose it... wait...

Then there's Chelsea lost to the Spurs (more funness from Poll and Mourinho), Barca lost their lead atop of La Liga table, RM lost. Then a full strength ManUtd side goes and loses to Southend.

This is a wacky weekend.

Oh, and apparently, Democrats campaigned better than the Republicans. Now THERE is the biggest upset of them all.

Kanu said...

Agreed on all points, except perhaps the Dems competence- they didn't offer anything more than "we're not them", but then again the Pubs have been so terrible that they didn't need to.

Saturday night I was thinking - at least Arsenal-West Ham is tomorrow. Sunday morning was like an aftershock of a shittiness earthquake.