Wednesday, October 4, 2006


This week's Arsenal Joga Bonito Wednesday? It has to be Robin Van Persie, fresh off his wondergoal from the weekend. Plus it gives me a chance to throw up this picture I took outside Highbury in March.

RVP10: One of a kind.

We ran into this total nutter who not only went to Madrid for the match at the Bernabeu but bought a Madrid Robinho jersey and then tricked it out in homage to RVP.

Anyhow, here it is. Enjoy.

If some dude rapping in French isn't your thing, then you might prefer this one.


moin said...

That shirt brings up a quandary for me. Who would I take: Robinho or Van Persie? Hmm..

I think I would still go with Robinho, call it baseless, but the fact that Robinho is Brazilian and played for Santos makes me believe he has a higher ceiling. Heh. Funny how that works. Now if only Capelo take Raul off and start Robinho. Robinho and Reyes running wild behind RVN/Ronaldo would be quite fun.

DC Trojan said...

So the French rap is something to do with samurais? Very strange.

BTW, there's a YouTube clip of that goal hotness from the Chinese feed of the game -- much more entertaining, I think.