Sunday, October 1, 2006

Anyone Wanting EPL Goal Of The Season
Is Going To Have To Seriously Step It Up

Charlton 1-2 Arsenal

Van Persie 32, 49.

BBC Match Of The Day highlights (10:23)

Arsenal came from behind to win their 5th game on the trot as they say, and after the shite start to the season they are only 5 points behind Chel$ea with a game in hand, which obviously if they win would put them only 2 back.

Van Persie's 1st goal was fairly good, although Henry toying with and then nutmegging the Charlton defender and Hleb's control were the most impressive parts - Hleb was a bit Bergkamp-esque I thought.

But holy shit was his game winner amazing. Arsene Wenger, who is not prone to hyperbole, called it "the goal of a lifetime". It's one of those goals, like Henry's insane parabola against Manchester United or Bergkamp's genius against Newcastle, that just gets better every time you watch it, and you will never get sick of seeing it. Enough of me blabbing on about it, see for yourself:

Que ridiculo

The replay looks like he hit it not with his cleat but with his shin, which makes it that much more remarkable that he was able to hit it with so much power and still basically control it. I love that you can hear the travelling Gooners singing the "Rob-in Van Per-sie" chant loud and clear after the goal as well - reminds me of my trip to Highbury in March. Lastly, that is 3 matches in a row with great assists from right back Eboue after overlapping and putting in a great cross. Again, it seems like Arsenal are finally diversifying their attack, which is a great, great thing.

Chel$ea were drawn 1-1 by plucky Villa, and Kanu scored his 5th of the young season against Spurs but it was not enough to overcome a penalty so dubious that the referees apologized to Portsmouth manager 'Arry Redknapp for giving it (in fairness Arsenal were extremely fortunate that Gallas' handball in the box late-on was not given as well).


peachy said...

Villa's making progress, I see - we've gone from 'pretty shit', to 'less than powerhouse', to 'plucky'...

moin said...

Peachy, having Martin O'Neil running your club has a way of doing that.

As for the Van Persie goal, love it. Great goal. But as one commentator pointed out, fairly good chance he didn't quite mean it. That's one of those things where 9 out of 10 it's an awful shank. Still, absolute class.

I like Henry's reaction as Van Persie pulled away from him after the celebration. A Michael Jordan shrug of "I have no idea how that shit just happened."

Brain said...

A wonderful piece of workmanship.

Kanu said...

Peachy- I think I'll go with "solid" next...