Friday, October 6, 2006

Useless Predictions, Week 6

For Solon's Week 6 picks, as well as his defense against the haters who do not understand the difference between gambling and punditry, clicquez ici.

After my brilliant 0-6 start, I finally got into the black last week, 15-12-2 (55.5%). More of the same, please. Wazzu & Penn State didn't move after all, but the Buffs are up to -5 so I'm glad I hit that one on Sunday. I hate that I have all favorites this week, not to mention the fact that I have a bet on the fucking Zooker (rationalization: no way, it's a bet on Juice), but it is what it is.

Wisconsin -21 v. Northwestern
Win. Wisconsin 41-9 Northwestern

Illinios -8 v. Indiana
Loss. Illinois 32-34 Indiana

Alabama -28 v. Dook
Loss. Alabama 30-14 Dook

Wazzu -3.5 @ Oregon State
Win. Oregon State 6-13 Wazzu

Penn State -3 @ Minnesota
Loss. Minnesota 27-28 Penn State (OT)

Colorado -3.5 v. Baylor
Loss. Colorado 31-34 Baylor (3OT)

I think Tennessee has good value even at -2.5, but it is too much of a mindfuck to ever bet on another team against Georgia when that team is a favorite, and the last thing I need with this game is additional stress.

Best of luck to you and your action.

Total: 2-4

YTD: 17-16-2 (51.5%)

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