Friday, April 28, 2006

Economics Of Sport: Streaking

Much has been made about the changing economics of being a sports fan over the past 20 years, specifically, how ever rising ticket and concession prices are making attending a game less and less affordable for Joe Six Pack. The cumulative effect is that working class and now even middle class fans can't afford to attend games regularly, leaving most crowds to be upper-middle class, the wealthy, and most of all, corporate.

But the art of streaking has always been available to one and all, regardless of socio-economic station in life. Sure, it's not as pure as it once was, and now some streakers have sold out to corporate entities like, but by and large streaking is still accessible and affordable for the masses. You go to the ballpark with your buddies, get loaded, talk shit about how you will totally do it, your buddies call you on it, you say you will do it if they pay the fine/bail you out, and then it is on. You streak, the crowd is amused, you are tackled by a secutiry guard in a light windbreaker jacket, your friends each throw in $25 to bail you out, and everyone has a laugh at the water cooler on Monday morning.

Might be priced out of WC06

But that could all be changing: a judge in Germany has upheld a fine of $12,550 against a streaker at a soccer match, and this legal precedent may very well price the Average Joes, Georgs, Ivans, Jean-Lucs, Nigels, Massimos, Pedros, and Svens out of the streaking market at The World Cup this summer.

*After finding a picture to post, maybe this is a good thing after all.


moin said...

All of this leads me to just one question: "how come there aren't any female streakers out there?"

I mean, just financially, wouldn't they attract better sponsors and be able to demand higher pay?

OMAA said...

Funny I should read this now. I just got back from buying 5 tickets to tonight's Gwinnett Gladiators' playoff game. They are minor league hockey and the 5 cost me $65. 14 rows from the glass. Not too shabby. I picked up some lunch for mouthbreather and I and sat down to eat it in DW's cube. I noticed his RedSox ticket from 2003 pined to the wall. Oddly enough, that single ticket also cost $65. I can't imagine what one would cost now. Oh well, mediocre hockey that the kids love on a budget I can afford.

Orson Swindle said...

You've made such a good decision--your blog is awesome like Motorhead.

Kanu said...

Moin- There are: spend a few minutes on Google Images and you will find your share.

OMAA - Sweet. "Chuck-A-Puck" is still one of the coolest promotions that I have ever witnessed at any game.

Swindle - thank you, Sir. I didn't even realize that Motorhead were awesome. LA Guns, Skid Row, and Kix, well, yeah, but Motorhead too? I had no idea. Still no denim jacket wearin' big hair havin' skank groupies though. Perhaps in time...