Friday, April 28, 2006

Derby Previews Coming Your Way

Although NBC has the rights to the race, ESPN covers horse racing better than anyone else in my opinion, and they will be all over the Derby in the next week. ESPN2 is showing a Triple Crown Preview Show Saturday from 6-7 p.m. EST, which should set the table nicely for Derby Week. Check it out if you get a chance.

Nice to know that they're still good at something

The rest of their Derby Week programming can be found here, and once again they will be covering the post position draw on Wednesday afternoon from 5-6 p.m. EST., as well as coverage all day on Friday for Oaks and all day Derby Day leading up to NBC's telecast of the race.

If you have TVG, they air a show called "The Works" which is a good bit more technical and in-depth, but certainly worth checking out of you are really into it. This morning's show re-airs tonight at 6 p.m. PST, and I believe tomorrow's show is at 8 a.m. PST.

And very soon I'll be coming strong with "Derby 101" to help explain to all of you casual fans why The Derby is such a big deal, and why you should catch a case of Derby Fever next week.

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