Saturday, June 26, 2010

USA 1-2 Ghana. AET. Disappointing Loss Today.
Phyrric Victory In Grand Scheme Of Things.

If you check out the twitter feed on the right you'll get an idea where I'm at right now.

Keywords: proud, big picture, change is coming, massive opportunity to build on this, root for spain- if they win then we own 1 of 2 wins over reigning World & European champs in their last 60 games which will be great for confidence going forward (12 years ago we lost all 3 matches including Iran).

More later tonight or tomorrow am. Hosted a big party, really need to take a nap & start making some payments on my massive massive WC2010 sleep debt.

That said, I'll give you the closing line of whatever I write: US Soccer is now like a 13 year old kid at Thanksgiving: we just moved from the kids table to the adults table where the big boys sit, and we're never going back.

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