Saturday, June 26, 2010

Congratulations Ghana. Africa's Dream Lives On.

As predicted, Ghana came out and played for all of Africa, they scored two great goals from their 3 or 4 legitimate chances, and hung on to win. Plus their away jerseys are pretty damn tight.

So congrats to them. This is their first appearance in the World Cup quarterfinals, and they are now 90 minutes away from becoming the 1st African team to ever make it to the World Cup semifinals. And they did all that without their best player, captain, and leader Michael Essien, and with 2 of their next 4 best players, Asamoah & Muntari, coming back from injury and not near 100%. An amazing accomplishment. Make no mistake, if all were healthy including Essien, this is a team capable of reaching the final. If they were to do any more without them all at 100%, it would be amazing. A great story that anyone with a heart could & should get behind.

So here's to you, Ghana. I like Uruguay but I will be rooting hard for you. Up Black Stars!

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