Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Damn You John Terry, For Ruining My Dream Outcome

Midway through the 2nd half, I realized that there was in fact, 1 outcome of today's match that I could get behind: the match going to penalties and C Ronaldo, probably the player I hate most, missing the final penalty to lose the CL final. That alone would have been schadenfreude heaven; him exploding into tears would have just been unneeded but certainly welcome gravy.

So what happens? 120 minutes and on to penalties, where the first 5 kicks are made and then CR7 does a super exaggeration of his stupid little stutter step, and has it saved by Cech. The next three kicks are made so all Chel$ea captain John Terry has to do it hit the target and my longshot scenario comes to pass.

Instead his plant foot slips and he misses the target completely, and 3 more made kicks and an Anekla penalty saved by Van Der Saar later, and ManUtd are champions and Vanity Smurf the drama queen C Ronaldo is weeping tears of joy. Truly a dream turned nightmare.

I watched the match off and on via Slingbox at my desk, so I don't have any worthwhile analysis to add {like I ever do}.

Fuck it, it's over. Bring on Euro 2008.


Killing My Liver said...

As much as i loathe both of those teams, it was a very entertaining match. It sucks someone had to win, but the lesser of 2 evils did.
And, I totally disagree with you, watching Terry cry was absolute joy. That asshat bullies people and thinks he's the mutt's nuts. See him utterly inconsolable was unadulterated happiness for me.
Remember: ABC. Anyone But Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

From a UK message board: John Terry's like a fine Russian vodka - bottled in Moscow.

Well I thought it was funny.

Anonymous said...

UnitedFan here, perhaps next season if we make it that far this won't be a problem if Crissy goes, even we are tired of his diva bullshit. From the penalty to the Real drama, many of us are ready to move on. Anyway, I agree with the others here about Terry. It sucks for him and ya hate to win it in such lucky fashion, but perhaps if he acted like a TRUE captain and doesn't run over there like a 17 yr old mad at Tevez for doing the exact same thing his squad had already done 2 or 3 times earlier in the match, then DD wouldn't have been such an ass and got sent off, and maybe Terry doesn't step to the spot to begin with. Who knows, he's a cunt tho and some say he spat on Carlitos to boot, but the so called "video evidence" I've seen there was questionable at best. Transfer season in full swing, if Real offer Sneijder plus $$$ I say jump all over it. Refereeing has been terrible as usual in Euro, but it hasn't been as much of a joke as WC06 was, thankfully. Also kind of amusing to see the Western Euros crying so much about "fake" Euro Russia and Muslim Turks invading their tourney. I really don't care who wins, I just hope they call something the next time Ballack pushes off that blatently, my god I've seen Randy Moss get flagged and TD's negated for the slightest handcheck possible and Chel$ea scum pushes off pretty much as hard as possible and it's all good. Oh those zany refs, what WILL they do next...

Glory Glory Red & Black!