Friday, April 18, 2008

ASU-UGA: Wanna Get Away?

If you are answering the call and coming out for Arizona State-Georgia on September 20, and having trouble or suffering sticker shock on airfare, then be informed that Southwest is now selling Sept/Oct flights on their website {they only sell like 4 or 5 months into the future}.

Anyhow, just a heads up that you can now add this to your search arsenal. We just scored my sister a sweet direct flight from Sacramento that was +$120 cheaper than anything else out there.

Besides Southwest's site, is the best place I know of to find airfare.

So there it is.

Sorry for the break this week, crazy busy, visitors, work, blah, blah. I'll try to get back on the train here shortly. I find that blogging is like working out, when you get into a rhythm/pattern it's easy, but once you stop for a bit it's really tough to get back at it.

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