Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Democrats And College Football

I try not to bring up politics on here, but this is pretty light.

I had a bit of an epiphany last night while driving around looking for a parking space:

The Democrats have turned their nomination into college football: objectivity is out, subjectivity heavily influenced by persuasion, pundit argument, and narrative is in!

Hearing the Hillary camp's arguments reminds me totally and completely of the teams sitting just outside the BCS title game spots rationalizing why they are more deserving than the team to be selected by the process, while the Obama camp's argument reminds of the team in one of the BCS title game spots justifying why they are there.

There's a million more comparisons to be made {superdelegates:poll voters vs. will of the people, ESPN pundits:cable news pundits vs making sense, not sensationalizing, creating the narrative, and on and on}, but I'll leave it at my initial lightbulb over my head thought above.

By the time the nominee is actually picked we will likely have descended to this:

Where we're probably headed...


Signal to Noise said...

We have to assign schools to the candidates now, you realize. Does that make Hillary USC or tOSU?

Signal to Noise said...

Obama is totally LSU, by the way.

Kanu said...


Someone CFB blogger did this recently, with all the candidates, before the field got whittled down, just can't remember who. Perhaps Doug at Hey Jenny Slater. I'll try to find it when I get some time later.

Anderson Cooper is obviously Kirk Herbstreit. People like him because he is young and good looking, but deeper analysis of what he says reveals him to be a bit lacking {esp LD's singlehanded and complete deconstruction of KH}.

Is Lee Corso Tim Russert, or Chris Matthews?

Is Olbermann Chris Fowler?

Kanu said...

It was in fact Doug who compared all the candidates to a CFB team, here

He has Hillary as Michigan, Barack as West Virginia, and McCain as Penn State.

beast in 'bama said...

Kucinich = Ole Miss: barely noticeable team, incredibly hot co-eds (his wife looks a lot like mine, so I'm definitely prejudiced here).

And I hate to admit it, but...

Romney = Texas: slick, great-looking, good pr, but no real consistency or substance. Just can't get it done in the RRS when it really counts. Actually, he reminds me of Mack - a lot. I'm gonna go throw up now.

Kanu said...

Oh, and I guess Geraldine Ferraro is Jimmy The Greek.